Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Year Wiser

What a year...
I can't say it was the easiest we ever had, but it was certainly one of the greatest! It's been a year filled with long talks, big decisions, heartfelt prayers, and whew...am I glad it's over. We have grown more as a family this year than I dare say, any other.

As Mark celebrated his 39th birthday today, I couldn't help feeling overcome with awe and love for this man. In the last 365 days, he has led our family to a new home that is filled with giggles and girliness...and he's happy with that. Here's hoping that his next 365 days are filled with love and laughter...and maybe less sparkle.

Happy Times

Ellie and her friend, Jon Douglas having some Twister fun!

What a good momma...got her baby buckeled up!

Happy Times!

Another Gem!

Can't believe I haven't posted this gem before now!!! Precious baby was terrified!! I told the photographer to "be ready" as soon as I sat her down and backed up. Well, she did...and poor Ellie didn't even have time to sit down. God love 'em!

Recap Continued

Found these pictures from Sadie Kate's Christmas program at her daycare. Wouldn't you have known...they picked her to play an angel!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

And...We're Back!

After a bit of a hiatus from the blog, I'm ready to play "catch up". So, in somewhat random order...the last 6 weeks of Mayo life.  

Enjoying Life in our New Home

Sadie Kate enjoys having a bed to herself again. This sideways sleeper is NOT a
good bed fellow!
Sadie Kate LOVES books. She will read them over and over, loudly,
so everyone can enjoy them as well.

Ellie has enjoyed the backyard best. She can be found each day doing
cartwheels and handstands.

Working on the back walkover.

Who needs gymnastics when you can just roll down the hill?

Forgotten Halloween Pictures

Sadie Kate playing in a castle at a Halloween party.

Ellie was bobbing for doughnuts!

Sadie Kate stood back with her daddy watching all the action.

Boy, was she happy when her friend Ben arrived.

The girls had so much fun with their friends, Jon Douglas and Ben.
Four super heroes in one place...oh, the power!

Didn't take long for the candy high to wear off!

It was a happy Halloween for the Mayos!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Disney on Ice

Last Sunday, I took the girls to see Disney on Ice in Birmingham. We had a blast!!! The pictures were horrible-with flash and without! They were most excited about seeing Tangled-their favorite movie. When the characters from Tangled finally appeared, the girls were mesmerized. They sang every word of the song-I got it on video!!! Sadie Kate sat motionless throughout this portion of the show, which is no small feat!! As the characters skated off, Ellie leaned over, kissed my cheek, and whispered, "Thank you, Momma for bringing me to see this. It was amazing!" Worth.every.dime.

Sadie Kate LOVED the Seven Dwarfs. When they skated out,
she gasped and said, "Look, Santas!"


Cotton candy and glowy spinner-things...loads of fun and loads of money!

Worth it all!

Blizzards and Blue Nails

Mark was at the football game and Ellie was playing at a friend's house, so...Sadie Kate and I decided to spend the afternoon getting our nails polished and chatting over a Blizzard. I hadn't realized how much I needed an afternoon with just one daughter to devote all of my attention. She and I chatted all afternoon about everything that crossed her mind...and that was lots! We must do this more often!